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Formula 1 has published the F1 2025 Calendar extremely early. What was usually a mid-season treat, has been given to us already in the first half of April. Starting on March 14th in Australia, ending on December 7th in Abu Dhabi, the Formula 1 calendar will once again have 24 races in a season.

The race calendar for 2025

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The opening round of the F1 2025 season comes back to Melbourne in Australia, and will end in Abu Dhabi, as we have already got used to in the past years. With no changes in the circuits, the race tracks will be the same as they are in 2024, but the order of the races will be changed.

Asian part of the f1 2025 calendar

After starting in Australia, Formula 1 will go to Asia. In 2025, the order of the Asian races will be reversed, as we will start with Japan and China, and then go to the Middle East for the races in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. Just like in 2024, by the end of April, we will be done with Asian races for quite a while, and head to Miami for some street racing. Formula 1 will return to Asia in late September, for a race in Baku, and after 2 weeks will go to Singapore for the night race driven on the streets of the City of the Lion, to finally finish the season with 2 races in Qatar and Abu Dhabi.

European part of the f1 2025 calendar

After racing in Miami during the first weekend of May, Formula 1 will come to the main part of the 2025 season, during the European part of the calendar. With 9 races taking place in Europe, the calendar will start and end in Italy. Imola will host the first European race of the 2025 calendar, and Monza will close it, just before going east to Baku. Between rounds number 9 in Spain and 11 in Austria, Formula 1 will detour to Montreal for the Canadian Grand Prix. The races will return to the streets of Monte Carlo, Spa Francochamps, Budapest, Zandvoort, Spielberg and Silverstone.

Why Canada and Miami races are not together?

The problem with the Formula 1 calendar is the fact that many countries have clauses about potential dates for their races. The race in Canada has a long deal signed with a fixed date of the Formula 1 race. The same goes with the race in Miami, so despite the best efforts, it’s not possible to make those two events back to back races, which would highly reduce the travel distance for the teams, drivers and all the media.

American part of the f1 2025 calendar

After the 2 races in Baku and Singapore, Formula 1 will head to the Americas for four races, including two races in the United States. Round 19 will be held in Austin, at the Circuit of The Americas, F1 2025 Calendar takes us to Mexico, for the home Grand Prix of Sergio Perez. From Mexico, it’s a trip to the Southern America for the race in Sao Paulo at the beggining of November. 2 weeks later, we’re going back to the North America, to Las Vegas for the 3rd race on the streets of Vegas. The Grand Prix in Las Vegas will be held on Saturday again, and it will be the only race in the season held on Saturday.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


The calendar is planned for 24 races in the season, but the number may be less due to some unexpected events.


The Formula 1 2025 season will start on Friday, 14th of March 2025, and the race will take place on Sunday, 16th of March 2025.

When will be the f1 2025 finale?

The F1 2025 final race will be on 7th of December, and it will be held at Yas Marina Circuit in Abu Dhabi


Europe will host the most races in the 2025 calendar by hosting 9 races. Asia will be hosting 8 races, Northern America 4 races, Southern America will host 1 race and Australia will host 1 race.

On which continents f1 races in 2025?

Formula 1 will be racing on 5 different continents in 2025 season. F1 will start in Australia, then go to Asia, Europe, North America and South America.

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